Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I've also been revisiting some lino-cuts i did a good few years ago now, and with the help of James Dodd, I've printed a small edition. This has really inspired me to do some more and I'm now working on a series of coastal bird prints, watch this space, in the mean time here are the latest.

I've been working on a series of acrylis/oil paintings based on sketches of Eiders and Smew produced on my Northumberland trip and at Abberton reservoir. I'm always attracted to these boldly patterned drakes, their marking have an abstract quality about them. The Eiders were part of a flock of mostly males that loafed around the harbour at Seahouses, mildly displaying to each other, and emitting that evocative "wooooo" sound.
The Smew I sketched a couple of winters ago at Abberton at dusk with the birds turning blue as the orange-pink sun set behind the trees.
The next in the series will be drake Goldeneye, another wonderfully marked duck, the originals, prints and eventually lino-cuts will be available soon through my website,

Monday, 21 October 2013

A blustery October afternoon at Alresford Creek, a very high tide has forced most of the waders off their roost. A few remain, constantly on the move trying to find firm footing as the water rises. Out on the estuary the first Black-headed Gulls are arriving for their overnight roost. I've painted this view many times and it is always changes, different tide, weather, light and birds.