Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Had a trip down to Exmoor before all the snow arrived, lovely countryside. We did a beautiful walk up the Doone valley from Malmsmead, not many birds apart from tits, nuthatches and treecreepers, but the Dippers put on a good show. We had good views of one perched over the water singing it's rich, thrush-like song as it curtsied and twisted it's head to and fro. Another appeared under the bank, obviously the object of the performance, and then the pair flew off up stream calling excitedly.
Next week and the snow has arrived in Essex, bringing good numbers of Fieldfares and pushing some duck onto the unfrozen Colne estuary. These displaying male Goldeneye were a fine sight on a cold grey morning. The females however were less than impressed, continuing to dive for food, oblivious to all the attention.

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